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Meet our team mascot!

chxco marshie


story of the chxco marshies

From the far distant world Marshieland, live the marshie civilisation.

The discovery of Marshieland was by pure accident.

A CHXCO, called Agent X12, managed to escape the evil owners of the CHXCO factory through the main gates.

CHXCO Factory Gates.png
Agent X12 in Space.png

He began to travel the galaxy to fulfil his mission. This is where he saw gushes of pink fluff coming from this one planet. Now, a very curious CHXCO, navigates his ship towards this mysterious world. 

campfire story.png

As he lands, the marshies slowly backed away, but after Agent X12 confessed his innocence and said he was an ally, the marshie civilisation were kind enough to take in the CHXCO as their very own family member.

Agent X12 tells the tales of how he bravely ran away, in order to form an army to defeat all the enemies he has met through the travels, many who were unfriendly, unkind and played tricks on the poor CHXCO. 


He told stories of how the owners were keeping his family hidden in the secret room, getting ready to box them up and ship them across the world to get eaten! It is his ultimate goal to head into the CHXCO factory and save all of his family before it's too late!

secret room.png
CHXCO Factory Gates.png
CHXCO ARMY Formed.png

Agent X12 needed all the help he could get and the marshies decided to join him.


They set up camp a few miles away from the CHXCO factory and begin planning.



Here to build the biggest and strongest team!

Being a CHXCO ARMY recruit is all about being kind, selfless and loving towards all that come across our path. 

We will need to strategise plans on how to defeat our enemies together as a team.

Oh, did we forget to mention? We will have to beat the other team SUPER CHXCO in our monthly team competitions too!

represent chxco army in style

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