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Meet our team mascot!




story of the chxco puffs

A CHXCO who managed to escape the CHXCO factory when the guards were distracted by a food delivery truck turning up to the gates finally got her taste of freedom. She went by the name Gray and she wanted to go visit her long lost family members.

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She heard rumours about a city where some of her family members who managed to escape went. So, an inspired Gray headed to the tallest mountain and there it was, the city that made her eyes glisten with excitement.


Little did she know, her only way to the city was through the forest of dangers and nightmares. She takes the risk and steps into the woodlands.

4 hours later, Gray felt scared, alone and lost in the forest with no sense of direction. Her breathing gets heavy as she hears echos of footsteps in the distance.

A shadow appears through the thick green fog... A CHXCO Puff!

The CHXCO hesitantly approaches the CHXCO Puff and asks for help to get to the city with the gleaming lights.


The mysterious CHXCO Puff agrees! Gray feels a rush of ease flow through her body and begins to tell the story of how she escaped the CHXCO factory. Her heart saddened as she was reminded that many of her family are still trapped.

A concerned CHXCO Puff reassures the CHXCO and tells her that once they arrive safely into the city, they would gather their flock of CHXCO Puffs to help rescue the CHXCO family straight away!

SUPER CHXCO was formed.

Shortly after arriving at the city, Gray and her newly assembled team of CHXCO Puffs head towards the CHXCO factory and set up camp not far from there.

city charge.png


We're not ordinary, we're SUPER!

Being a SUPER CHXCO recruit is all about being courageous, friendly and caring with all that we come across in our path.

We will need to huddle up and come up with ideas on how to defeat our enemies together as a team.

We must beat team CHXCO ARMY in our monthly competitions too! 

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represent SUPER chxco in style

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