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CHXCO CLUB is all about spreading smiles, love and positivity to families around the world through our storytelling that takes your imagination to the CHXCOland where there are enemies to defeat, riddles to solve and competitions through team activities for all to enjoy! Join our exclusive club here.

Our merchandise is based around our two teams, CHXCO ARMY and SUPER CHXCO represented by our team mascots CHXCO Marshie and CHXCO Puff. Both teams represent different values which are found in their respective dens, CHXCO ARMY DEN and SUPER CHXCO DEN. Our CHXCO CLUB community are able to buy merchandise to proudly represent their team in the comfort of their homes or out wherever they go!

how to become an official chxco club affiliate?

By joining our affiliate program, you will be spreading the essence of CHXCO to those you share our culture with as

well as earning commission on selected CHXCO CLUB merchandise!


To become an official CHXCO CLUB affiliate, all you will need to do is sign up to get approved.

Once approved, you will gain access to CHXCO CLUB branded banners, images and content that you'll be able to use on your website - happy earning commission!

I own a chxco club digital collectible.

As a CHXCO CLUB digital collectible holder, you can earn 3x the standard commission rates as an affiliate!


All you'll have to do is sign up to our Affiliate Program, verify yourself via the #collabland-join channel in our Discord and open up a ticket to inform us. 

I don't own a chxco club digital collectible but want to earn triple the commisssion.

Learn more about our digital collectibles here.

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